Outsource Manual Journal Entries

Journal EntriesManual journal entries are necessary to record revenues and expenditures, to transfer funds or to record balance sheet accruals. Cyprus bookkeeping offers these service to clients who do not have their accounts linked online with each other or where there is a delay in posting a journal entry. Our services include reconciling vouchers and transaction records and manually feeding the data into the system.

Cyprus bookkeeping has periodic checks at every stage to ensure accuracy of transactions. We employ a foolproof method of manual journal entry, relying on balancing transactions and ensuring total accuracy until the accounts are tallied in the final balance sheets. We maintain and preserve all the supporting vouchers and expenditure proofs. We maintain notes of any special accounting clauses or entries, which cannot be entered in any other journal and must be documented with accuracy to prevent cross posting.

Manual Journal Entry Process

  • We follow the conventional double entry system, which ensures immediate reconciliation of transactions.
  • After establishing the scope of services, our team puts in the necessary processes as required to ensure adequate documentary evidence for all transactions
  • Our team starts the entry system and will maintain the same
  • Periodic reports ensure compliance
  • Any process gaps are identified and addressed for systemic improvements

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